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At Wordsearch Place, we provide place visioning, placemaking and strategy services to industry-leading real estate projects around the world.


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Placemaking adds value

Developers are leaving billions of dollars of value unrealised in the places that they create. And it’s not their fault. The industry is preoccupied with ‘architecture’, ‘luxury’ and ‘landscape’ when it should prioritise ‘vision’ and ‘customer insight’. In an increasingly congested and sophisticated market this approach is unsustainable.

At Wordsearch Place, we believe the industry needs to worry less about bricks and mortar, and concentrate on creating places where people want to visit, stay, live, work and shop. This attention to place content and place experience is a real estate value proposition, and it’s a human proposition, too – considering and responding to often passionate, complex political and community landscapes, and enabling not just better projects, but also better neighbourhoods, and better cities.

Wordsearch Place helps development teams to prioritise place, by rapidly capturing and articulating powerful place visions, and formulating development strategies which create long-term value and more successful places.

Our projects demonstrate that our process and intervention can add upwards of 20% to the value of your project – 20% on footfall, 20% on sale price, 20% faster absorption rates or shorter vacant periods, and quicker planning approvals.


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