We're currently instructed on over 85 million sq ft across the globe

Wordsearch Place The 78

The 78

Chicago, USA

62 Acres, 12M Sq Ft - Office, Residential, Culture
Wordsearch Place Austin American Statesman

Austin American Statesman

Austin, USA

19 Acres - Office, Hotel, Residential, Retail
Nine Elms placemaking

Nine Elms Square

London, UK

20 Acres, 3M Sq Ft - Office, Residential, Retail
Wordsearch Place Concord Placemaking

Concord Naval Weapons Station

San Francisco, East Bay, USA

2,500 Acres - Office, Residential
Wordsearch Place BPS

Battersea Power Station

London, UK

42 Acres - Office Residential, Retail, Culture
San Francisco Shipyard Placemaking

The Shipyard Communities

San Francisco, USA

760 Acres - Office, Residential, Culture
Wordsearch Place East Harbour

East Harbour

Toronto, Canada

60 Acres, 10M Sq Ft - Office, Culture, Retail, Hotel
Wordsearch Place Water Street Tampa

Water Street

Tampa, USA

50 Acres, 8M Sq Ft - Office, Retail, Residential
Governors Island Placemaking

Governors Island

New York, USA

172 Acres, 6M Sq Ft - Office, Education, Research, Hospitality

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